Registration and payment instructions

In order to register for the ALAHPE 2017 Conference, please fill in your information here.


Please note that the form is available only in Spanish. If you have problems filling in the form, please review the following instructions, or use the “google translation option” if your internet browser is Google Chrome.

Please note as well that all the prices are provided in Colombian Pesos (COP).

Step 1:  Go to the registration website (*

              and please provide your ID number in the field "Documento de Identidad" (as shown below)

Step 2: 

Please provide the following information (note that all the fields marked with a * must be filled in):


- “Nombre”: Name

- “Apellidos”: Surname

- “Tipo de Documento”: Type of Document (choose “Pasaporte” (Passport), if your country of residence is not Colombia, or “Cédula de Ciudadanía” (Citizenship Card), “Cédula de Extranjería” (Foreigner ID), if you live in Colombia, and “Tarjeta de Identidad” if you live in Colombia and are under 18 years old);

- “Documento de identidad”: please provide your Passport or ID number

- “Teléfono”: Phone number

- “Celular”: Cell Phone number

- “Ciudad”: City of residence

- “Estado”: State of residence

- “País”: Country of residence

- “Dirección”: Address

- “Nacionalidad”: Nationality

- “Correo Electrónico”: Email address

- “Ocupación”: Occupation (Economist, Historian, Philosopher, etc.)

- “Empresa o Universidad”: Affiliation

- “Cargo o Carrera”: Position (Professor, Researcher, Student, etc.)

- “Seleccione categoría”: Choose your category (Young Scholar or Senior Scholar)

Please check the box “Acepto los términos y condiciones de la Universidad de los Andes” to accept the terms and conditions of the Universidad de los Andes and to be able to continue:

Step 3: 

Select the events that you would like to attend:

- “Acompañante a Cena”: select this option if you are bringing somebody with you to the conference diner

- “Cena de gala”: select this option if you are planning on attending to the Gala Diner

- “Evento Cultural”: select this option if you want to participate of the cultural event of the Conference

- “Acompañante a Evento Cultural”: select this option if you are bringing somebody with you to the cultural event

Please note that while you select the different options, a blue box will appear at the upper right side of the website with the “Detalles del pago”, i.e. with the payment details and the total price that you’ll check out in the following step.

Once you have selected your options, please click on “continuar” (continue button). This will take you to the last step of the registration and payment process.

* The Local Organizing Committee thanks the University of the Andes for allowing us to use their platform for registration and online payments. 

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