Cultural activities

During the Saturday morning of December 2, three optional cultural activities will be offered (lunch is included for all of them). To attend to the cultural activity of your choice, please pay the corresponding fee (COP 135.000, approximately USD 45.00) through ALAHPE's website when you register and pay for the Conference (see the Conference fees here, and the website for the online registration and payment here).

At the begining of November, we will send an e-mail to the participants of the Conference, asking them what is the cultural activity of their preference (only one activity per participant, since they are simultaneous). Also, at the Conference registration desk on Wednesday, November 29, between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., you will have the possibility to tell us the cultural activity of your choice (if you cannot arrive on Wednesday, you can announce your choice at the information point that will be available on Thursday, November 30, and Friday, December 1).

We have carefully chosen these activities, because we really think that they are representative of Bogotá and worth doing. Besides, they are easily accessible from the conference venue. Please take a look at the three options that are displayed below:

1. The Gold Museum of the Banco de la República

We are preparing a guided visit to the Gold Museum, one the most famous and visited museums in Bogotá. We will schedule the guided tour either in English or Spanish, depending on the origin of the interested participants. The guides are employees of the Banco de la República (Colombia's Central Bank), experts on the Gold Museum's exhibitions, and they will tell us in detail the history behind the different collections. 

This museum has a permanent collection which presents the history of gold and other precious metals in the pre-Hispanic societies that inhabited the territories that we know today as Colombia. This collection is displayed in four exhibition galleries:

The Working of Metals describes the mining and manufacturing techniques employed by the ancient metallurgists.

People and Gold in Pre-Hispanic Colombia reveals how and in what context people used metals as part of their political and religious organisation.

Cosmology and Symbolism explores mythical subjects, shamanism, and the symbology of metals.

The Offering immerses the visitor in the world of ceremonies at which offerings were made.

The Exploratorium encourages interactivity and reflection on the diversity and meaning of the heritage that is preserved in the Museum.

In addition, the museum has four temporary collections, with domestic and international pieces, which allow us to know, value, and enjoy both the Colombian and the universal cultural heritage.

The complete information on the Museum's exhibitions could be found here.​​ Below you will find some pictures of the Museum's collections and galleries. 

2. Walking tour around Bogota's historic downtown.

This tour, organized with the support of the Greater Bogotá Convention Bureau, will allow the participants to walk around La Candelaria, the most ancient neighborhood of Bogotá, whose origins are dated to the Colonial Era. This guided tour will present a detailed history of the most representative places of Bogotá's Downtown, while enjoying the colonial architecture of the neighborhood.

Below you will find the complete information about this walking tour, and some pictures of La Candelaria. 

3. Graffiti tour around Bogotá's Downtown. 

This tour organized by Bogota Graffiti Tour is, in our opinion, one of the best activities to do while visiting Bogotá. The guides are street artists and people directly involved with Bogotá's urban art scene. 

All tours are led in English. However, depending on the participants' nationalities, private tours in Spanish (and German) can be organized.

Here you can find more detailed information (only in English). And below, you will find some photos -taken by Bogota Graffiti Tour- with which we hope to motivate you to sign up for this activity.

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